Tonight Kp 2, Sat-Mon expect auroras Kp 4

Tonight the aurora forecast is Kp 2. Fairbanks and northern Canada may see auroras.

Saturday night to Monday morning, Kp 4 or higher is expected due to another CHHSS.
This means that the entire state of Alaska, and most of Canada may be able to see the auroras.
Northern states may also catch the show, depending if it does become strong.
Always look north and get away from any light pollution.
Light pollution is any man made lights.

Beautiful Norwegian cruise ship lights here.

AURORAS TONIGHT! Happy Spring Equinox

Wow, data is looking great all of a sudden tonight, and auroras are being seen in mid Canada. Expect lights in Alaska tonight if your weather is clear. Auroras are already ramping up here in the interior (Fairbanks area), but there are considerable clouds in some areas. Look low on … Continue reading

Very quiet lately

We are still here and still watching the sky! It has been very quiet lately. I have been getting a few messages lately from excited visitors to Alaska asking about the lights. It is rare these nights to not see anything! The aurora has been out, but it has been … Continue reading

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