AURORA overhead!!! North Pole, Fairbanks! 1150pm

Aurora reported in Homer, Anchorage, JBER, Wasilla, Palmer, Fairbanks, North Pole, Two Rivers, Ft Wainwright, Eielson, overhead. Head on out to see it! Temp -45F in North Pole, 0 in the Anc area.   1207am

more aurora, if you want to venture out

Although the cam is continuing to light up, the ice fog and haze in the city is just too much too see any activity. I do see stars, but no green, only light pollution reflecting off the fog. If you are away from the city of Fairbanks and North Pole, you may be able to see the aurora. The aurora can also be seen low on the horizon south of the interior, but not reported at all in the Anchorage area. Current Kp level is 3, predicted to be out most of the night. Use caution if going outside–Current temp -40F

time: 139am

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