Kp 5 tonight, with clouds

aurora46Clouds and overcast again in much of AK tonight. If you are in an area with clear skies, the aurora is out, and expected to put in a show tonight. Clear or possible clear areas: Delta, Salcha, Eielson AFB, Kotzebue, Summit. Expected Kp level 5. YES that is a FIVE!

From twitter, I found a post from Astronaut Chris Hadfield. @Cmdr_Hadfield
Just crossed N America in the night, from N of Vancouver to right over Boston. An incredible 9 minutes, aurora shimmering like magic.

clouds, aurora, and rocket launch

aurora45.jpgThey launched the rocket from Poker Flat tonight, into the clouds, and into the aurora. The kp index has been wildly fluctuating tonight, from 0 to 5 to 3. Clouds in the Fairbanks area has blocked all aurora viewing. Clouds in the Anchorage areas. Delta is clear and can see the aurora. Also, far north of Fairbanks is reporting the aurora. Kotzebue, and Denali Park reported the aurora. Manitoba can see the aurora, NWT is cloudy. Links for rocket launch photos at and check out this photo on Facebook from Sebastian Saarloos.

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