Gift Guide

The businesses below help make aurora reporting from this website possible. We would like to personally thank them for all their dedication to aurora watching!
~Amy, Kristie, Kristina, Kathy, Gary, Samantha, Scott, Kevin, Niki, and Brittney

Join the Aurora Chasers Ronn and Marketa Murray on the ultimate chase! Get your photo under the aurora and check this item off your bucket list! Fairbanks, Alaska

Check out the Aurora Webcam nightly to dream from afar!

What is there to do in North Pole, Alaska? Ice fishing under the aurora!!! Snow mobile tours! No worries, winter gear is provided.

Join SkyFire in Focus on your next aurora tour, and get the photo you only dreamed of taking. Surprise your loved one with what they will call their best gift EVER! Fairbanks, Alaska

Denali Hwy and Arctic Circle (Dalton Hwy) summer tours also available. Drive on the road the Ice Road Truckers take!

Protect your investment from the arctic cold with the Camera Parka. Made in Canada, created by professional photographers. Four different types available.

PicAx Photography has captured amazing auroras around south central Alaska. If you are in search of the perfect photo of this area, check out what Kathy Ax has photographed!

Anchorage!!! Check out the original Aurora Hunter himself, at the Anchorage Market this summer!

Also online at

Visiting Norway to see the lights? Aurora Borealis Observatory is the place to be! Check out their website for a stunning array of real time aurora videos.

Fox Gardens & Gift Shop in Fox, Alaska, just a bit north of Fairbanks, is open year round. They have a vast array of aurora related gifts. Say hi to Gary!

Moose Walk Cabin, North Pole, is the place to book when visiting to catch the lights, and enjoying the beauty of Alaska. You have the entire house to yourself.

Stickers and Patches from us here at ABN, 50 cents and $1 each.

Enjoy your day here in Two Rivers, Alaska, on a dog sled! Alaskan Huskies on a winter wonderland trail, with up to 4 people in the sled.

Aurora looking soaps make for great small gifts. See Candace at Boreal Winds at various bazaars, shops, and online. Salcha, Alaska

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