Aurora Borealis Notifications was founded by us, Amy Stratman and Kristie Stariha. In the winter of 2009-2010, we started a phone tree telling our friends that the aurora was out. This was not something new, aurora phone trees have been around Alaska for years. Little did we know we are not alone in our enthusiasm, and the list grew, so we went to Facebook to notify more people. We were the first aurora group and page on Facebook and we have inspired many others, big and small, worldwide. If you are obsessed with “the lights”, welcome to the world of aurora watching!

This is a network for Alaska residents and visitors to get real time notifications when the  aurora borealis is visible in the sky. We also help spread the word from other areas around the world. This service is powered by the human eye, and not by a computer. This webpage is dedicated to documenting and reporting the aurora season in an unscientific manner.

If you want to be an aurora reporter, simply facebook message, tweet, or text us. Tell us what you see and where you are.

We watch the sky nightly from mid August through the end of April. Auroras may still be seen in parts of Alaska where it gets dark into May, but the timeframe of dark sky is so small, if you want to see the aurora, you can just wait for the dark hour (literally one or two hours). Auroras are seen in lower latitudes year round (in the northern states), if the aurora storm is strong enough.

The more people reporting the aurora, the more successful the report, because sometimes for whatever reason we don’t see it, but someone in another part of town might, due to weather, terrain, or less trees. We do not glean reports off other (newer) websites, however, they do glean reports off of us! Many new websites are collecting reports now, so the system we have is getting a bit watered down. People now a days enjoy automated systems, unattended websites, and apps. NONE of these are accurate in “spotting” the aurora, it is ONLY data! You still need to interpret the data. This website was founded on good old fashioned word of mouth and not automation. As time marches on, we’ll see how things change. It is highly possible! We all have one thing in common….we love the aurora!

Facebook page facebook.com/AuroraNotify

If you like chatting about the aurora and want more than the page has to offer, go to our group to talk about what you see, your photos, camera settings, special events, and more,  facebook.com/groups/auroraborealisnotificationsgroup

To get notifications on your cell phone, use twitter: twitter.com/AuroraNotify and be sure to click on mobile notifications and turn on the middle of the night hours. Another way is to text 40404 and type the message ” Follow AuroraNotify “. If you already have a twitter account, you need to have your phone number on your profile settings for this to work.


thanks for visiting!

Amy Stratman


Kristie Stariha

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