Where to Stay when in Fairbanks Alaska

Traveling to Fairbanks, Alaska area?

Here are a few places to consider when traveling to Fairbanks. Aurora is seen from the Fairbanks area EVERY NIGHT. Yes, every night when it is dark! Sometimes though, the aurora is short lived, faint or low on the horizon, or the cloudy weather blocks the view. That is why many do not see it every night. If you want to see the aurora from your hotel, house, bnb, or other, then the first thing you need to consider is the light pollution. Then, be awake.

Aurora is seen from the entire Fairbanks area, even downtown, even the Walmart parking lot, and even if you are standing underneath a giant streetlight. But the best aurora views will be where it is darker. The details of the shimmering and dancing color will be clearer, prettier, and easily seen where the sky is darker rather than where city lights are on. It not only is the electric light itself, but the large light pollution bloom it causes for miles around. Learn more on the light pollution page.

aurora viewing from a plane. Sit on the side that faces north.

Here are several places that are recommended:

Hotels— No hotels in the Fairbanks area are outside of light pollution. There are a couple near Walmart that are close to what we need for viewing, but you would have to stay in a north facing room, and even then, the security lights in the parking lot are blinding and will hinder sky viewing. You can leave the hotel and walk or drive to the side street near the clearing facing north. There are 2 hotels near the airport that also have OK viewing, but again, the security and city are not great for viewing. Years ago it was possible, but the addition of hundreds of streetlights and bright overdone security lights have destroyed a good thing. Also, NEVER rely on hotel staff to notify you of aurora sightings. Sure, sign up, but do not RELY on it. Most staff are simply watching for a big aurora and will miss short lived or low on the horizon displays. Watch the data, webcams, and the sky yourself. Only exception: if the staff are space weather experts and/or active aurora chasers.

Cabins, Bnbs, short term rentals, and lodges—

Just north of Fairbanks in the hills is The Hygge House. It’s lovely and sweeping view of the city and night sky will take your breath away. Enjoy the aurora from the hot tub. Walk on a trail or enjoy the view from the large living room windows.

In the North Pole area, near Fairbanks, are the Frontier Village cabins. New construction and in a nice dark area! Check out their website and Facebook page for more photos!

Frontier Village is on Air Bnb! See the aurora from a cabin in North Pole, Alaska

Aurora Moose Cottage is located in Ester, Alaska only a few miles west of Fairbanks. It is located on the road but at the same time, hidden away for privacy. Aurora is seen directly from the living room couch and out the windows. What a perfect place to sit in the warmth and enjoy the winter. Moose are also commonly seen from the window.

Serendipity Cabin is located just outside of Chena Hot Springs, Alaska. Enjoy a true Alaska get away at this relaxing and quiet location, without the man made lights at the hot springs. See their Facebook page or Airbnb link.

Aurora Ridge Cabin is located in the hills near Fairbanks. They have a webcam that faces the sky and captures the aurora! The results are posted on their YouTube channel and in the Aurora Borealis Notifications Facebook group. Enjoy in person these captivating views.

Aurora Ridge Cabin Fairbanks Alaska

Little Cabin in North Pole is the Aurora Borealis Notifications cabin. It is a private little getaway for up to 3 people. Aurora can be seen from the cabin, and Chena Lakes is very close for additional night sky views or recreation.

Weekly and monthly rates available.

bedroom view of Little Cabin in North Pole

Alaska Aurora Adventures

Alaska Aurora Adventures is located just south of North Pole, Alaska. The location is outstanding. Several cabins are available. The aurora viewing lodge is on the property where you can learn the science and photography, enjoy refreshments, and wait for the aurora in a warm inviting room. Or just watch the aurora from your cabin!