How do you take videos of the aurora? As each year that passes, cameras are becoming more capable of taking video of the aurora. This is why there are more time lapse videos rather than live, in the recent past. Cameras able to video aurora have become affordable, starting at $3,000 to $5,000. Much higher priced cameras have been available a little longer, but we have not seen too many videos because the average photographer did not have access to this equipment.

Cameras that can take video of the aurora have the capability of a high ISO include the Sony A7 series and the Nikon Z6. For lens, you want one with a fast aperture, 2.8 or lower, with 1.4 being a favorite with ABN Facebook group members. To capture a wider sky, choose a lens with a focal length 14-24mm

Newer cell phones can capture live aurora when it is bright, but will not be the quality you see with the DSLR or mirrorless cameras and lens (yet!). When there is no moon, or no other light source, video of the aurora is difficult without a low maximum aperture lens (low f stop).

TIP: Rent a camera and lens to try on the night sky before spending $$$ on something you may not enjoy.

Page updated Fall 2022.

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TIP: Try a Fish-Eye lens for a unique photo of the aurora. Can’t afford yet another lens? Try a lens ball!

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