Aurora is seen from Sirius Sled Dog Rescue and Aurora Viewing, Ester, Alaska

These wonderful businesses help keep us here at ABN sharing the lights! I have met most of the people and been to their places, and want to share with you the joy of meeting them and catching the lights in the various locations and seeing the great night sky in different ways. There are many ways to see the aurora, whether its in your own yard, at a bnb, or far far from the city. You can see the aurora from a van, a dog sled, snow shoes, or from the comfort of your bed! You can meet many people, be in a small group, or you can go solo. If you would like to be a sponsor, you would be helping me tell people about how to catch the lights, pay for this website, and run the webcam. Please contact me for more information.

Watching the aurora is a dream come true for many, and those who show you the lights professionally all agree it never gets old. Please join us on tour or purchase with the following businesses. Keep us in mind when you are planning your trip in the future. And locals are always welcome! ~Amy Amy@AuroraNotify.com

The Big Alaska trilogy by Farnum Hall, author.
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