Please Stop Plagiarizing My Website

There are numerous websites that have used my content for their own benefit. Cutting and pasting my exact words and using it for monetary gain. Sometimes they don’t even bother to correct my spelling errors, grammar, or scientific explanation. Some are quite popular on social media. Do you think this is fair to me and all the work I have done writing all of this? Do the “write” thing and delete your webpage with my content and write your own.

ALL writing on this website is my own words. ALL of it unless quoted, such as the below. How about YOU use your own words instead of mine? Or, get permission from me to use MY words.

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What Does “Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery” Mean? The phrase implies that you demonstrate your admiration or respect for someone or something by imitating them.

Thank you for your admiration, but admiration does not pay my bills. Please remove my content from your website. ~Amy

updated March 2024

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