Check out the ovation aurora forecast. This map shows where the aurora has been detected. The current kp level is very high, fluctuating between 5 and 8, currently at 7. The upper portion of the US and parts of Canada should be able to see it tonight.
Head away from any light pollution, and try to find a space with the northern horizon unobstructed. Good luck!

the aurora continues…

The kp level is currently a 7, which should be seen all the way down 52 degrees latitude (other factors need to be taken into consideration also, such as the solar winds). It is Europe’s turn for a show tonight (right now). It is predicted to continue, so folks in the lower 48 and parts of Canada should see another show tonight.

For kp updates see softservenews.com, and for more in-depth solar information, check out solarham.com

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