Kp 3 tonight

An aurora forecast of moderate is tonight. Interior and northern Alaska, as well as parts of Canada may see the aurora. Areas more south may see it on the horizon. Expect displays come nightfall around 11pm or later into the night and early morning.

Last night the weather won in most locations. Places that reported sporadically during the night were: Soldotna, Nenana, some areas around Anchorage, Alaska, Idaho, North Dakota, Washington, Michigan, Alberta, British Columbia, and NWT.

From the UAF Geo Physical Institute and the Visitor’s Center in Fairbanks:

Don’t miss “Aurora Sensations,” a film created with amazing timelapse footage of the aurora as seen from various locations in Alaska. The film will be shown continuously from 5 to 8 p.m. as part of the First Friday activities at the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center. The event is FREE!

The film’s creator, Poul Jensen, is a doctoral candidate in the Space Physics research group at the Geophysical Institute at UAF. 

For more information, visit


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