Update for tonight: nothing yet

Update to tonight’s aurora: The bz winds are extremely north right now. We need them to be south to see the aurora. There are some good signs, but it is not coming together right now. It is only 940pm, the night is young. Things could change at any time.

2am update: winds still to the north. This CME has really disappointed us all!

MORE aurora tonight

GET READY FOR ROUND 2 TONIGHT!!! Charge those camera batteries, get a nap in, make your plans! Tonight there will be ANOTHER GREAT aurora borealis!

Estimated Kp between 4 and 6. Aurora predicted approximately 60degrees latitude and northward. We will know more later tonight.

Please enjoy all the AWESOME photos that people are posting to this wall. Lots of great feedback with people stating that last night was their first aurora. SO GREAT!!! Glad you saw them!

It sounds like the hot spots with the crowds were: Earthquake Park (Anchorage), Cleary Summit, Chena Lakes in the interior.

Reports onto the Facebook page and messages came in from:
Fairbanks, North Pole, Fox, Haystack, Cleary, Chatanika, Chena Hot Springs, Two Rivers, Ft WW, Eielson, Delta Jct, Moose Creek, Circle, Barrow, Talkeetna, Petersville, Kasilof, Denali, Healy, Nenana, Clear, Anderson, Anchorage, JBER, Wasilla, Palmer, Eagle River, Chugiak, Kenai, Valdez, Flying from SEA to ANC, Peters Creek, Nome, Willow, Soldotna, and Homer.

Other than Alaska: Edmonton (my apologies for not reporting this city in a timely fashion, I did see your requests), Calgary, Greenland, Scotland, Ireland, Norway.

Clouds: areas of MN, MI, Kodiak, Yellowknife.

Thanks for the reports everyone, and helping to spread the word that the aurora was out! Again, the aurora will be seen tonight in much of the state, Canada, and the upper portion of the USA (as of this writing, 245pm)

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