Aurora lecture on channel 15

Set your DVRs…On 360 North (channel 15 in Fairbanks) (, there is a show on about the Aurora from 2-330am.
Science for Alaska, Aurora at Solar Minimum, Roger W. Smith ( It is a scientific lecture, very educational if you are interested in what the aurora is.

aurora low on horizon with brutal temps

Aurora has strengthened on the horizon, but the ice fog may block your view. The steam from your own body and breath may block your view!

The only places reporting are North Pole and Fort Yukon. You may be able to see the aurora on the horizon in other Alaska locations. Kp 1.


Brutal temps, use caution if going out. Temp -48F

time of this post: 1247am

Aurora seen from North Pole

The aurora can be seen too the north and north east in a large band. Fairbanks, North Pole. The displays should be random and unsettled all through the night. Kp 1 and 2.

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aurora is out and about

Alaska can see the aurora now! Many reports from the interior, subject to ice fog. Also reporting are JBER, Anchorage, Wasilla, Anderson. More expected tonight! posted at 1231am

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