low aurora now, expect more

tiny aurora Auroras can be seen low on the horizon in the Fairbanks areas. Expect more later. Estimated Kp 4. Time of this post: 11:47pm

Updated: 3am. The aurora comes and goes, but it is to hazy in the city to see it. It is mostly lower on the horizon. We had high hopes for a show, but so far, nothing of note.

Aurora 101 Photography Class Feb 16

aurora curtains Northern Source Images Aurora 101 Photography Class from Northern Source Images at the North Pole Grange Feb 16 1pm-4pm. Click here to sign up, or here to see the facebook page.

This is a class designed for those who want to learn how to use their camera but have limited experience.
$50 per person, first come, first serve so reserve your seat today. Limit 30 participants.

First hour you learn more about how to use your camera, how to set your manual settings on your camera to capture the aurora and which ones to change and what the settings do to your camera.

Second hour learn about composition and little tips and tricks to help you get those shots you ohhh and awww over every time there is a northern lights show.

Third hour you learn how to successfully find the aurora, when it will be out, how intense and how long. Go over the technical jargon like KP Index, BZ and Solar Wind… what does it all mean?

E-mail northernsourceimages@gmail.com to reserve your seat.

map to the grange

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