Current Kp 2

The aurora is faint in the sky in North Pole and surrounding areas. It may be too faint for Fairbanks. Occasionally the past couple hours, there have been bursts of light. It has come and gone quickly. Current Kp level is 2. Time of this post: 350am


There is a question that comes up often whether you can see the aurora from Fairbanks itself. Yes you can. I have seen it many times from my old house, from Fred Meyer parking lot, from Creamers Field, UAF, from the airport, and from a few hotels out in the back parking lots. There are a few people on this page that report in from downtown Fairbanks. Many places in town you can see the aurora! You can scroll through the photos on this page for evidence. You do not have to drive out of town to see it.

But when it is faint, the streetlights wash it out. When it is low on the horizon, buildings and trees get in the way. If you want the full-on experience without the hassle of light pollution, then drive a little ways out of town. On that same note, you do not have to drive all the way to the arctic circle unless you want too. Just going a few miles away from town is sufficient.

Many messages are being sent to this page and by email from the website asking about this. It is all up to the person wanting to see the aurora, how much time they have, what they are willing to do to see it, how much money or no money they want to spend. You can take a guided tour locally, a long distance tour, drive yourself, or just stand in your own yard. On the nights we have the big auroras, you can stay put if money and time are issues.

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