Willow Aurora last night

Dora Miller sent in this wonderful photo from Willow, AK taken on March 17, 2013. Click on the photo to be taken to her website.

"Epic Aurora"  by Dora Miller

“Epic Aurora”
by Dora Miller

Beautiful photo from Kodiak

Last night was so active (Kp 6 in AK), the lights went as far south as Kodiak. Becky sent this photo in to share. Amazing night!

Kodiak, AK March 17, 2013 Becky Stoeckler

Kodiak, AK March 17, 2013
Becky Stoeckler


The time is 1:25am and the show is still great! Overhead in most of the entire state of AK, as well as many areas of Canada. Wisconsin, Maine can see it, and possible other northern states may see the aurora.

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