auroras tonight in Canada and upper portion of the lower 48 states

Auroras tonight in northern areas of the lower 48 states, and well as Canada. Alaska may have a chance if you live in an area where it gets dark at night. Current Kp level is 6, could hit 8.

Possible areas include MN, WI, ND, ID, MT, VT, NH, PA, and more. All of Canada where it gets dark. Be on the lookout as soon as it gets dark. Look to the north on the horizon. Go to where there is no light pollution.

CME expected to sweep past Earth May 19

A CME is expected to sweep past the earth on May 19. If it is dark where you are above latitude 55 degrees north, then you may be able to see it. More info as we get closer to the time and date. Expected Kp 5 or 6.

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