incoming CME sometime tonight?

Waiting and hoping for the predicted incoming CME tonight! This means great auroras capable of Kp 6.

Also, good luck to all the moose hunters out there! Look up to the sky tonight!

The night of Aug 31, 2013

The aurora was seen in Europe, and as the earth rotated, Canada, and finally Alaska saw it. Some northern areas of MN and WI saw it as well. In Nikiski, the aurora was seen in a pretty display with only a Kp level of 3 at the time this photo was taken, by Jessica Veal. Click on photo to see her page on Facebook.

ak pure and simple aug 31

In Fairbanks, the aurora was seen to the north, as the clouds were covering much of the city as well as the entire North Pole area.

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Nice show despite the clouds

auroras over alpine lodge
Fairbanks saw a nice show despite the clouds. North Pole wasn’t so lucky, with rain in the late hours. Anchorage areas reported aurora after 2am. Kp 3 and 4 most the night.

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