75% chance of severe storms according to NOAA. Let’s hope they are right!

The aurora forecast was just updated at NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center, and it remains great for tonight. Although they say “quiet to minor storm levels”, this means a great show for Alaska and Northern Canada tonight. Southern areas of Canada and the upper portion of the contiguous USA may see active aurora low on the horizon.

Foreseeing questions, here is more info: Kodiak and Juneau may have a chance low on the horizon. Anchorage, good possibility, away from city lights. PA and OH, very slim chance, low on horizon.

It’s Saturday night. No excuses tonight! Be awake! Let’s hope the forecast is accurate.

Keep in mind we here at ABN do not make the forecasts, only bring them to you in an easy to read manner. Aurora forecasting is a lot harder than weather forecasting. But when we see it with our own eyes, we will make the phone calls, texts, and post here.


great show tonight, big bands & purple skies


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Super show tonight, not the biggest, but very pretty. Lights across the sky in every direction. Big bands hanging across the entire sky, completely disappearing, then coming back dancing high. Purple skies and streaks throughout. Kp 2 when the alerts went out. Fluctuating to Kp 3. Active unsettled show. Tomorrow … Continue reading

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