light show possible: CME to hit Oct 2

Early estimates for a glancing blow from the CME are for approx 1800 UTC, which is noon Alaska time on Oct 2. As it looks now, we may see a good show Oct 2 as soon as it gets dark in Canada, Alaska, and maybe the upper portion of the lower 48 (MN, MI, ND, etc). Some sites at this time are reporting a direct hit. More info to follow in the next day.

What is a glancing blow? The activity on the sun won’t directly affect us on earth, rather, it will side-swipe us, which is still pretty good for auroras.

What is a CME? A Coronal Mass Ejection, a major solar eruption.

It’s been quiet lately, but new activity on the sun today!

Don't miss the next show!It seems like forever since we have had a decent light show in Alaska. Along with poor weather, the aurora forecast has been quiet. The good news is that today, there has been activity on the sun, and an earth-directed CME is predicted. This means that there should be auroral activity in a couple of days. More details as we get closer to the predicted arrival time!

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Anchorage Auroras

The aurora can be seen over the Anchorage areas really this morning with a surprise Kp of 4, then a 3. Kodiak reported in, but possibly too late for notifications. Homer, Kenai, Eagle River.

Aurora australis reported from Margate, Tasmania now.

Clouds in Fairbanks.

wow aurora all of a sudden

The aurora came out quick about 1015pm (just now as of this post) in the Fairbanks areas. It is green with red tops. Some areas seem faint because of the moonlight. There are clouds. The current Kp level is 2. There is potential for more tonight.

As of 1050pm the aurora is a big long band to the northeast, clearly visible.

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