CME hit! Tonight, a show

Heads up for tonight. As soon as it gets dark, be alert for auroras. Early CME hit!

Originally, the forecast said the CME may hit tomorrow, and may or may not produce auroras. Change of plans! A great looking forecast now for tonight in the USA, and currently in Europe. This includes all of Alaska, Canada, and the upper portion of the contiguous USA.

Current Kp 6.

Fairbanks low on horizon, mostly clear at 12:30am

The northern lights are visible on the horizon in the Fairbanks areas. Also Delta Junction and Toolik and North Slope areas. Kp 2. It could get a bit stronger for a short time, but a big display is not expected.

The sky is mostly clear at the moment, but rain and snow clouds are forming and will be present by morning, say weather forecasters.

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