Auroras in Alaska again, with clouds. Kp 3 11:20pm

Current Kp 3. Fort Yukon has auroras. Toolik Station and Kaktovik have auroras. Auroras seen on the edge of Fairbanks where there are fewer clouds. For a sneak peek, see the cam at

Ketchikan, Bethel, reporting auroras

Alberta is reporting auroras in many areas. Williams Lake, BC. North Dakota and Minnesota and possibly more northern areas without clouds have aurora on the horizon.

A chance of aurora if no clouds… Kp 2

There is a chance that the aurora can be seen in some interior areas of Alaska, if you have no clouds. Fairbanks and Anchorage areas both have cloud cover and snow and rain. Sunday night is looking good for auroras as well, but let’s see what the weather does. The Kp level is 2 as of 4:15am

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