Lights can now be seen in Fairbanks areas as of 9:15pm Kp 2. Expect more into the night. Additional cities will be posted as reports come in. Temp -29F

Standby for auroras tonight, if your weather is clear

The entire state of Alaska, Canada, and the upper portion of the contiguous USA be on alert for auroras tonight. The data has been excellent all day, and Europe got a good show. As of this writing, at 7:40pm Alaska time, the stars are twinkling in Fairbanks and we are standing by awaiting the show. It may not be a big show, but we should see something at some point tonight. It could be very soon, or it could be hours from now. As soon as we see it imminent or visible in the sky, we will post again. Current Kp 3.

Can’t get out for the show? Check out the local cam just a tiny bit north of Fairbanks Alaska Aurora Cam courtesy Ronn Murray Photography.

Alaska Aurora Cam

Weak auroras so far tonight, clouds in Fairbanks, faint in Anchorage

Fairbanks has too many clouds. Anchorage has seen the aurora, just barely, as it is faint and the Bz was trended north all night with it swinging southward at 3:30am. Hatcher Pass and areas with no light pollution captured widespread but faint auroras at various time during the night. It was not a show that was worth going out for. Things could change between now and sunrise, but the forecast and data do not support anything spectacular. Kp 0 to 2.

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