chance of quiet auroras tonight, more auroras next 2 nights

Tonight, the night of Dec 30/31 expect quiet auroras throughout the night, most likely low on the horizon. New Years eve, expect more auroras with the forecast saying a better chance with unsettled displays. And New Years night/Jan 2 the forecast says unsettled to active displays. Source: NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center

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quiet Auroras tonight, right now at 9:15pm Kp 0

The aurora can be seen high on the horizon in the Fairbanks areas at 9:15pm. Kp 0. Not much is expected from tonight, but the sky is full of stars, so viewing should be nice and clear.

Update 12:00am: the aurora is trying to come back but remains low on the horizon. This could happen all night long. Kp 1.

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