Clouds tonight in most areas & pics from last night

Clouds are in the weather forecast tonight, so despite a decent aurora forecast for Fairbanks, we may not see anything. Current Kp index of 1 as of 5:40pm.

Last night was interesting….the aurora showed up so early, and it was a Saturday night! Perfect for most people to see it. We hope you had a chance to see it. Gary Kallberg uses our alerts and the call he received helped him make the decision to go on a drive, headed toward Chatanika on the Steese Hwy, past Cleary Summit. To maximize the use of our alert system, be ready. Have your camera charged, your gas tank full, and your winter gear ready. He was ready.

F & E Gold Camp

Gary Kallberg took this photo up at F & E Gold Camp, Chatanika, Alaska.

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