auroras may happen soon Kp 3

Aurora is out over the Fairbanks area, but the Bz is north, so it is faint. If the Bz swings southward, expect a show. Kp 3. Time of this post 7:30pm.

As of 10:30 the aurora came back and a large band was seen across the sky in Fairbanks, North Pole, and Delta Jct. The North Slope also reported auroras. Fog rolled in across Chena Lakes areas and Eielson AFB. Other areas of North Pole remained clear. The Bz continues to swing back and forth, so the show is coming and going. Kp level as of 12:30am, 3.

Much of the Anchorage areas were covered in clouds.

Happy New Year 2014! auroras seen tonight, but with clouds

The aurora finally came out just before midnight, but was faint as seen from town (Fairbanks). Just as it was brightening, the clouds rolled in and covered it. The aurora is out right now, and it would be pretty good if there were no clouds. So you may want to check your sky. Lights have been reported in sporadic areas, north of Fairbanks, Cleary Summit, south Anchorage, Eagle River, Knik River areas, JBER, all reporting. Alerts went out via email earlier in the day, and then after midnight as to not disturb the midnight celebrations. I wish everyone here a Happy New Year! ~Amy

Happy New Year 2014

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