Auroras out at 9, but low, now 950pm and higher

Auroras can be seen in the Fairbanks area! Kp 1.

Last night the aurora came out dancing and put on a nice show before midnight. Alerts went out and I managed to get it on Facebook but was barely able to get a signal for updating the website. Here are a few photos I took last night at Cleary Summit.



cleary with people

early morning CME hit, on time for sunrise in Fairbanks.

The aurora came out last night in Fairbanks, but was not as a result of the CME. The CME hit a couple hours later, right before sunrise. Europe is seeing a show now, and in Alaska, we await darkness. We should be able to see auroras tonight. NOAA Spaceweather is calling this a G1 storm, so the whole state may or may not see a show. We shall see! We are on aurora watch come nightfall.

UPDATED: NOAA Spaceweather changed it to a G2 storm.
Don’t wait up all night, for alerts click here!

auroras again tonight!

The aurora can be seen in the Fairbanks area again tonight! It is 1130pm. The Kp level is 0.


Last night I was unable to post here. The aurora came out early in Fairbanks areas, but was mostly faint until about 11-12, when they brightened. About 1am, they started to dance in a big display. The Kp level was 1 and rose to 4.
aurora party feb 22

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