faint aurora band Fairbanks Kp 0

A faint aurora can be seen overhead and toward the north in the Fairbanks area. Kp 0. May or may not strengthen. Time of this post is 1:40am

Just a reminder, there are no refunds if the aurora is faint or you don’t see it on your trip, or weren’t alerted because it was too faint too see. I still am up all night looking at the data and outside for you. Also, if you are outside of cell service coverage area, I cannot alert you.

faint aurora band Kp 0 Fairbanks

The aurora can be seen toward the north in the Fairbanks area in a long faint band. The Kp level is 0. Things could strengthen….or not. Time of this post is 12:15am

Stunning timelapse by Ronn Murray Photography

These past couple weeks have been great for aurora watchers in Alaska, mainly the Fairbanks area. Ronn Murray Photography captured the northern lights of Feb 18/19 in this stunning timelapse, Alaska’s Epic Northern Lights.

There are some auroras that are good, and some that mean something to someone….the auroras of that night mean something to me (Amy Stratman), and I thank Ronn for creating this piece.

If you like his work, and want to learn more about auroras and photography, tours are available!

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