Boy travels to Alaska to see the lights

It is such a great feeling to have a dream come true!!! And the lights have been amazing lately, he came to Alaska at the perfect time!

A story from KTUU Alaska (Channel 2): Boy, 9, travels to Alaska to see Northern Lights before going blind.
Ben Pierce of Texas traveled 3,000 miles to see Aurora, sled dogs before sight fails.

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Part 2:
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Lights being seen now, 915pm

Aurora lights being seen at 915pm in several Alaska locations, and also Canada. There are a lot of clouds in the Fairbanks and North Pole areas. Kp 3. Great forecast for northern lights into tonight. Happy hunting!

Photos from Saturday night

I spent the night at Olnes Pond, just north of Fairbanks on Saturday night. About 9 adults and 6 children were present as well. It was a great night to sit by a fire and watch the northern lights. The show was mostly faint, but occasionally, the lights brightened and reflected over the pond. About 4-5am, the aurora was toward the south, not a usual direction to look from our latitude. A good time was had by all.

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Last night’s show was early. Expect lights tonight.

Last night, the aurora borealis was starting to show immediately at sunset. The lights were out til about midnight, when they faded away….but came back in the middle of the night. Lights were seen on and off til sunrise.

Tonight the aurora is forecast to be quiet to active again, and could be seen in the entire state of Alaska. I will be away from internet service for most of the night and most likely will not be updating. Make sure to look toward the north or northeast, and look low on the horizon if you can’t see it overhead.

Last night I took a photo of my guy with the streetsign “Aurora Borealis Lane”, in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Aurora Borealis Lane

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