TONIGHT we should see auroras! Be ready!

Last night we saw a great show in North Pole! Pinks, reds, swirls, extremely fast dancing, all caught our eye. Gorgeous photos have been posted to the Facebook page, check it out! Other parts of the state saw it too. I think only Kodiak had clouds.

Be ready tonight for another awesome show in the entire state! Maybe, just maybe other northern states as well.

What time? Dark.
How long? Maybe all night long.
Where? Entire state of Alaska, weather depending.

Great forecasts!

Great news for aurora hunters! The forecast tonight (Friday) is active, tomorrow night is minor storm levels, and Sunday night into Monday morning is active. The weather is forecast to be mostly clear in the interior, and the Anchorage areas. Even Juneau looks to have a chance. The moon rises late, and the temperature is not cold. It’s going to be the perfect weekend to chase auroras!

G2 storm watch!

Cool, check out the forecast the next few nights! We are *hopefully* in for a great show, read “major storm” tomorrow night. Of course, this could happen during our daytime… or even not at all. All we can do is prepare and wait. Get your cameras charged, clear a path to a north facing window, plan your destination. Forecast source:

Tonight, great chance for auroras in much of the state, weather depending.

*****Tomorrow night, Sunday night into Monday morning, possible CME hit. The CME could hit during our day as well, which would give Europe first chance at the show. This is the G2 storm watch! We are standing by for auroras and are on high aurora alert! Auroras expected for the entire state of Alaska, all of Canada, and the upper portion of contiguous USA. Kp 6 or 7 forecast. Don’t miss the show. Be ready, watch this page for updates and reports! You can report what you see by messaging us on Facebook or Twitter, or via text 907-385-7385. You may or may not get a response back depending on how busy we are with reporting. Simply give your general location and what you see. *******

Forecast for Monday night, continued active auroras, possible minor storm levels.

All reports on ABN are from a live person and not a computer. Be sure and give your support to our sponsors and advertisers displayed on the website. This includes the Alaska Aurora Cam, which recently requested donations for cam equipment and maintenance. Thank you!! ~Amy

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