Big lights in Alaska now! Canada too!

Big aurora lights are currently being seen in Alaska. We have a snowstorm blowing in the Fairbanks area, but the aurora can be seen despite! Also reporting are Nenana, Healy, Delta Junction, Homer. Alberta Canada reporting a great show. Have a look!

Minor storm levels tonight and tomorrow night but clouds may take over the sky

The aurora forecast for tonight is minor storm levels. An excellent show may be seen tonight if you have clear skies. It does look to be cloudy in many areas around Alaska tonight so you will have to chase the lights to where the skies are clear! Your camera may pick up what looks like green clouds, which is the aurora behind the clouds. Saturday night into Sunday morning also is forecast for a nice aurora show, but the weather is predicted to be even worse. Check the weather in your area and decide if you want to venture out.

You can also peek at the cams. ABN Aurora Cam, the Alaska Aurora Cam or see other cams links here: Aurora Cams

Active tonight!

Tonight’s forecast is quiet to active, Kp 4 expected. An aurora warning is in effect! It will be possible for most of the state of Alaska and much of Canada to see the lights tonight, weather depending. The northern portion of the contiguous USA may have a chance as well (heads up again Washington).

As with any aurora forecast, this may or may not happen. But we shall wait and see!

Last night the “big” cities in Alaska were clouded over, but a show was seen in other areas such as Healy, Talkeetna, Kenai, Homer, Soldotna, and even northern Washington and Idaho. Many areas of Canada saw the lights as well. Let’s do it again tonight (except without clouds).

Follow along on the new all-sky cam located in North Pole, Alaska, tonight at ABN Aurora Cam

still image feb 17

Aurora is out, but cloudy in the cities

Kenai and Homer, Alaska, Calgary area and Ontario area Canada, and also northern Washington have aurora. Lights can be seen in any areas in Alaska and Canada with no clouds. Montana may have a chance. Kp 5. Expect lights till dawn.

Clouds are covering many areas of Alaska, including North Pole, Fairbanks, Wasilla, and Anchorage.
Time of this post 910pm Alaska time.

Tonight’s forecast is quiet but the current Kp level is 2

Tonight and tomorrow nights aurora forecast are quiet. This means if we see the northern lights, they may be a simple band, low, or even non-existent. Saturday night, as it stands now, the forecast is active, which means a display that dances or is higher in the sky. This of course, is depending on the weather. Both Fairbanks and Anchorage Saturday weather forecasts are cloudy with possible rain.

We’ll post updates as conditions change.

Last night the aurora came out early, before the clouds took over. Aurora was seen in (as reported to ABN) North Pole, Fairbanks, Fox, and parts of Eagle River and Wasilla, where the clouds had an opening in the sky.

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