More lights predicted tonight!!!

Alaska, get ready for another show tonight. The current Kp level as of this post is 5. The NOAA Space Weather forecast calls for minor storm activity. Those in the northern states, Canada, and Alaska may see active displays. New Zealand and Australia as well. Amazing, exhausting, and well worth it to head on out. Some clouds in the Fairbanks area, cloudy in the Anchorage area.

The aurora season is running out of time in Alaska. In 1 short month, the sun will be too bright to see auroras from Fairbanks, less than 2 months for Anchorage. Get out there now and enjoy the night sky! Last night the stars were stunning!!!

Last night the lights were amazing for those who waited patiently for them to come out.

burst in the sky

burst in the sky

Kp 3 at 330am, Alaska has great lights, but weaker than anticipated

20150318_planetary-k-index The Kp index was high!

Super lights still going on in Alaska at 330am. Several sporadic shows were seen since the sun went down. Activity still looks great, but not the show we anticipated. That’s ok, at least other parts of the USA and Canada saw the show after a great display in Europe. I read that even Germany saw the lights! Amazing!

I really hope you saw the lights. The forecast looks great again for northern Europe as their sun goes down and again for Alaska tonight.

Photos from tonight, taken around North Pole, Moose Creek, Salcha, and the Harding Lake area, Alaska. It was not cold at all, and it was nice to get out under a moonless night.

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