Auroras tonight in Alaska, possible northern states.

Tonight, the aurora forecast is active, with the lights possibly being seen in Alaska, Canada, and the northern states. Kp 4 expected. The dark sky in Fairbanks is approx 11:30pm to 3:30am. Time is closing in. Live updates on social media will not be given anymore for this season. The timeframe is too small.

You can see from this photo when it gets dark. This is a static photo taken at 5pm April 20, 2015. The colors in this photo depict every 5 minutes, and the timestamp is on the bottom. Note the dark hours are very small, as stated before, about the 00:00 mark to the 03:00 mark. Sunshine and clouds create the other colors. You can see a live photo anytime by looking at the cam page. April 20 2015 photo slices

The cam will be left up all summer, but will be reduced to one photo every hour. In August, the new aurora season will begin for interior Alaska. Please email me with any questions. Next season, I will be changing the way I do things. Be sure to subscribe to be notified of the latest come August.

Auroras expected tonight in Alaska, Canada, and northern states.

The aurora forecast is minor storm levels. Right now, during Alaska’s day, the Kp has hit 5 & 6. If the numbers keep up until it’s dark, we will see a show. It gets dark close to midnight and the sun brightens the sky around 430. The aurora is extra beautiful during sunrise and sunset. As the aurora light and sunlight mix together, a colorful sky, and sunset on the horizon.

Great show last night in Alaska! Super colors. Expect lights tonight!

Last night was simply amazing. Maybe the last big show of the year? I don’t know, but the forecast is for G1 storm conditions again, Kp 4. Snow and rain mix may block our view in Alaska, so have a look outside tonight when you are up.

Photos posted to the website if you cannot see them in your email attachment. Thank you subscribers, for supporting ABN!

The colors WERE visible to the naked eye. Blues, purples, pinks, not to mention the greens and white “clouds” and of course, the real clouds making some of the photos look hazy. I took the photos wearing my flipflops because a part of me thinks its summer. I love Alaska!

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