Show last night, again tonight.

The aurora made an appearance last night in Alaska, the midnight sun fading away. An early arriving CME, with a sudden impulse, hit earth and gave us a show. It started off a Kp 2, & rose to 7, but the sun rose as the show started to get good. Anchorage had fabulous displays, and a purple and red glow reached down to Washington state. Australia saw the lights into their night as we started our day. The numbers have held out all day, currently a Kp 4. Expect auroras tonight in all of Alaska, Canada, and the northern portion of the contiguous USA. Kp 5 expected.

Auroras possible tonight. AK, Canada, upper USA

Heads up for aurora tonight, Alaska, Canada, and the upper contiguous USA. For interior Alaska, it is somewhat dark between midnight and 3am.

G1 Storm forecast tonight. Kp 5 possible, Kp 4 expected. Clouds and smoke may hinder your view.

G1 predicted

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