More auroras all weekend. Kp 6 likely

Super aurora weekend coming! The auroras continue on….what a crazy week! High Kp levels and strong solar winds (….and the entire IMF of course) made for some great displays in Alaska, Canada, northern states, and across northern Europe. The aurora australis was seen as well in New Zealand, Australia, and Antarctica. The sun is rising in Antarctica and the dark night sky is slipping away fast.

TONIGHT EXPECT MORE STORM LEVEL AURORAS!!! Kp 6 expected. Northern states, Canada, and Alaska.

Saturday night into Sunday morning—more auroras! Northern states, Canada, and Alaska.

Sunday night into Monday morning—-more auroras! Canada and Alaska, with northern states possible.

Forecast via NOAA Space Weather: Geophysical Activity Forecast: The geomagnetic field is expected
to be at active to major storm levels on day one (12 Sep), unsettled to
minor storm levels on day two (13 Sep) and quiet to active levels on day
three (14 Sep).

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WOW! Another storm level night again tonight! 9-9-15

Happy 9-9! NOAA has predicted yet another night of MAJOR storm level auroras! Upper portion of the contiguous USA, Canada, and Alaska, be ready for a show as soon as it gets dark. The Kp level has been hovering at 6 all night and all day long! Make sure those cameras are charged if you have been out the past couple nights. And yes, I personally do recommend driving out to see the lights if you cannot see them from your home. Time of this post: 530pm Alaska time

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Sept 8/9, forecast is active AK be ready for lights

If the weather is clear tonight (!!!) Alaska may see the aurora. The lights are already being seen in Minnesota and North Dakota, and areas around there. The Kp level is 4. We could see Kp 5. Data is looking good.

Check out these aurora cams, all in the Fairbanks area:

ABN Cam logospace ROUNDcam buttonJasonbutton

Alaska expect lights tonight (Labor Day night) Kp 5, Kp 6

Aurora storm in progress! G2 Alert! Europe saw the show in their overnight, Iceland saw awesome lights, and now the upper portion of the USA is seeing lights. Canada has lights, and as the aurora oval swirls around (earth rotating), Alaska will see lights tonight. Kp 7 was indicated earlier, Kp 6 and Kp 5 possible. Let’s hope it holds out for us in Alaska. Be ready! Don’t miss the show.

Reporting so far: NY, MB, IA, MI, ME, SK, MT. Expect lights further west as we head into the night

Camera Parka AT Frosted Lens

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Alberta has good lights, also northern states

The Kp level is 5. Will this be the night we see the lights again in Alaska? Great forecasts over the last few days panned out to be —nothing—! But here we are tonight, Sept 3/4, and yes, I believe tonight we will see the lights. Entire state of Alaska, if your weather is clear. Watch it on cam late tonight at the ABN Aurora Cam, also nicely seen on your smartphone!

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