Oct 14/15, possible storm level auroras again

Tonight’s forecast is quiet to minor storm levels. If the Kp level hits 5, then the upper portion of the continguous USA may see lights. Most of Canada and Alaska may see northern lights tonight. Cloudy in some areas again. If it is clear where you are, or where you are going, then have a look up tonight, and in the morning if it is still dark.


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Auroras out! Kp 5

The auroras are out tonight! Seen in the MN and WI areas, ND, Canada, and AK. Expect northern lights all night long. Mixed clouds and clear skies in AK.

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Lights in AK tonight if weather is clear

The forecast tonight is for active auroras. Fairbanks, we have lights low on the horizon at the time of this post at 850pm. Expect more all night long. The weather may become cloudy in the interior and in the Anchorage areas.

The next few nights also are forecast good viewing in Alaska.

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