Beautiful photos from North Pole, Alaska Nov 2 & 3

My friend Niki captured these stunning photos in North Pole, Alaska, on the night of Nov 2/3, 2015. The clouds parted long enough for a great show. The colors you see were seen with the naked eye. If you cannot see the photos in your email, please see them on the website.

Auroras now at 630pm Alaska time. Kp 4.

The aurora is being seen now!!! Look north, and look low. Adjust your eyes to the dark. This means dim your phone, turn off the tv, turn off car lights including dash board.
The aurora has been reported tonight so far in NY, MA, ME, PA, ON, MB, WI, MN, ND, AB, SK, AK, YT. If you cannot see it up in the sky, look very low on the horizon.

Kp level at 630pm Alaska time is Kp 4.

Watch the aurora dance NOW from Manitoba!
Northern Lights Cam Churchill

About last night

Last night, the Kp level never rose above a 5. That is why most of the states, which were forecast to see the lights, never saw them. Many people from the middle area of the country were writing me asking about the forecast. Many were disappointed. One thing for certain, if you cannot see hundreds of stars from your location, you have too much light pollution. Folks from the big city need to drive far out of the city to see northern lights. The streetlights, building, car lights, that is what light pollution is, and that is why you cannot see the aurora (if it were to dip down to your area).

Northern states saw a nice brief show on the horizon, Canada was clouded over in many areas but those that did see the lights, caught a great show. Lots of reds and purples! Several clear areas in Alaska saw the lights, poor Anchorage missed out because of the weather!

Many aurora watchers TODAY (Nov 3) are writing me asking about tonight. The show forecast was for LAST NIGHT. Tonight’s forecast is yet to be updated, however it is Kp 5 at the moment, Kp 6 predicted soon, and northern Europe is seeing a nice green show.

I will post again later today. ~Amy

Last night show from North Pole, Alaska captured on cam (no sound):

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