12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Aurora Tour for Two

BIG Congratulations to Judy Roper, of Georgia! You and your friend from Wasilla are going on tour with Ronn Murray Photography! Pack your camera bag!

The final 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway is an Aurora Tour for Two, the Aurora Chaser Tour, courtesy Ronn Murray Photography & Tours. Let Ronn and Marketa show you the aurora in a unique way, with wonder, excitement, knowledge, and joy. Experience the lights with your own eyes and through the camera lens. Bring home not only memories of your BEST TRIP EVER, but also photos of YOU under the aurora borealis. Novice aurora photographers welcome! Professional photographers welcome! All are welcome to try to win! Don’t dream, start planning! See the aurora for yourself!

You and a guest will book a date for your tour between now and Feb 10. Travel to Fairbanks is not provided. You must be in Fairbanks to collect this prize. If you are coming to Fairbanks or are in Fairbanks, and you win, you must book immediately your choice dates, as dates are strictly limited. After Feb 10, the prize is no longer valid. You may transfer your prize to another person if you cannot go, but you cannot sell or barter it. For more info on tours see Ronn Murray Photography & Tours website or The Aurora Chasers on facebook. Messages and phone calls welcomed.

To enter this giveaway, please comment if you are in Fairbanks or will be in Fairbanks to go on the tour, how you would feel if you were selected, or who you would bring with you.

Photo: Ronn and Marketa, themselves, under the lights. They are waiting for someone to win!

RM tour givefinal

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