Happy New Year’s Auroras tonight! Kp 6

Auroras being seen across the north right now as the sun sets. Kp 6! Canada is seeing lights, northern states are seeing lights where the weather is clear. Alaska, standby for a fantastic show.

Happy New Year 2016!!!

Auroras now, Kp 5. Happy New Year, Europe!

The aurora storm we all have been waiting for has strengthened overnight and into this morning in Alaska, so as the sun shines on us, it’s night in Europe and they’ll see auroras now. Kp 5, still a possibility of the G3 storm.

If the storm holds until tonight, then northern states, Canada, and all of Alaska may see lights as we welcome in the New Year.

Let me clarify, the number one question is “what time?”, or, “what’s the best time?”. The answer is anytime it’s dark, and typically in the middle of the night. “I can’t stay out all night because…”, aurora hunting is a patient waiting game. We all head out and hope we see something. We watch the data, and when it looks good, we are heading out or already in place.

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