Quiet forecast

The aurora forecast is quiet. We may see low displays in the interior of Alaska tonight, that is, Fairbanks and surrounding areas and in the north. Lights are starting to ramp up right now. Look toward the north, as well as upwards tonight. Check it out on cam at ABN Aurora Cam. A quiet forecast means the Kp level is 0-2. The Bz remains southward at 1045pm, pushing the auroras more south. Anchorage areas are seeing lights on the horizon. Fairbanks, overhead but faint, brighter on the horizon.

Where should you go to see them if you are in Fairbanks? Check out multiple locations listed over at Where To Go. On a quiet night, the best bet is somewhere where you can see far onto the horizon, such as Cleary Summit. Chena Lakes may be good, or even Nordale Rd pullouts. Of course, this is if the weather is clear.


Are you interested in taking an aurora tour, or learning how to photograph the lights yourself? Check out Skyfire In Focus.

Auroras forecast for tonight Jan 25/26

The Aurora forecast tonight calls for active auroras. Periodic displays may be seen overnight in Alaska and northern Canada. Kp 4 predicted. As of this post at 7 pm Alaska time, the data isn’t very exciting, but things may change in a few hours.

Aurora photos tonight, plus forecast

North Pole, Alaska, auroras seen in the evening hours before the clouds took over the sky. The data is looking excellent for more auroras throughout Alaska all night long, as long as the weather is clear.

If viewing this in email, click on the link to see the photos.

Kp 4 now, purples and greens now, but faint

The Kp level as of 630pm Alaska time is Kp 4. We can expect lights throughout the night in Alaska.

Purples and greens are being picked up on cam in the Fairbanks area. They are actually overhead, which indicates that Anchorage areas may see lights low on the northern horizon. Intensity may strengthen as the earth rotates and the aurora oval is over us.

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