Aurora photos tonight, plus forecast

North Pole, Alaska, auroras seen in the evening hours before the clouds took over the sky. The data is looking excellent for more auroras throughout Alaska all night long, as long as the weather is clear.

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Kp 4 now, purples and greens now, but faint

The Kp level as of 630pm Alaska time is Kp 4. We can expect lights throughout the night in Alaska.

Purples and greens are being picked up on cam in the Fairbanks area. They are actually overhead, which indicates that Anchorage areas may see lights low on the northern horizon. Intensity may strengthen as the earth rotates and the aurora oval is over us.

Auroras overnight to sunrise in Alaska, excellent data for a show in Europe NOW

Good morning! We had an excellent show as we awoke for the day! People on their way to work and school squeezed in a few aurora shots and posted them to our facebook wall. Have a look on your computer here!! If you are on mobile, click here! If you really enjoy aurora photos and reports and love to chat about it, join us in our facebook group.

If you are looking for an aurora photo to hang on your wall, we have many suggestions for you. Please see Aurora Gifts for all of our favorite aurora photographers website links.

Data is getting better as we are now in our daytime with sunlight. Northern Europe is seeing lights now.  Kp 7 is predicted, Kp 5 as of this post. Surprise!

About 8am, North Pole, Alaska.

And about 830am as the sun rose

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