BIG LIGHTS possible TONIGHT Sept 26/27. Also Sept 27/28/29

WOW!!!! What a great forecast! The CHHSS is back! Simply put: BIG LIGHTS possible TONIGHT Sept 26/27. Also Sept 27/28/29.

Northern states bordering Canada, maybe just maybe the midwestern states, all of Canada, and all of Alaska have a super chance at seeing lights the next 3 nights. Tonight, forecast Kp 2 however, the Wing Kp is showing a teaser of Kp 6, Kp 5 G1 storm alert in effect right now.
Tuesday night/Wednesday morning the forecast is Kp 6. Experienced aurora watchers know that anything could happen at this point, since the data is looking great. Be patient and watch the data and the skies. The aurora oval is over your area typically in the middle of the night…at midnight and later. But lights can be seen anytime it is dark.

lights tonight

These are 2 maps that depict possible areas that can see the northern lights at Kp 5 and Kp 6. It is not exact. Other factors come into play. This is the general idea of the location of where it is possible. The key is to be ready. The more south you are, the lower on the horizon the aurora will be. If Alaska is seeing lights overhead, then Montana may be seeing lights low on the northern horizon, for example.

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