Kp 5 forecast

Kp 5 is forecast for Monday night and Tuesday night due to the predicted arrival of a coronal hole high speed stream.
Heads up for auroras possibly dipping down into southern Canada,
all of Alaska, and maybe the northern states bordering Canada.

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Super moon and snow lately, but we’re back to auroras soon!

We had a fabulous supermoon and a cozy snow these past few days but here we are now, awaiting more auroras.
Tonight’s forecast is fairly weak, and I am typing this late, so we will start with Friday night/Sat morning.
The forecast is Kp 4. So, this weekend is looking great for auroras in Alaska, and across mid to northern Canada. We like to use NOAA Space Weather for our aurora predictions here at Aurora Borealis Notifications. Check out the link for more science data.

The temps are also getting colder, so time to bust out the full winter gear and camera protection.

green stars

Check out Alaska: my Backyard Calendars by PicAx Photography

Check out Alaska: my Backyard Calendars by PicAx Photography




PicAx Photo Calendar and quiet nights ahead, Kp 2 or 3.

The aurora forecast is quiet with a Kp level of 2 or 3 in the next nights. Low auroras may be seen to the northern horizon in the north.


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