Auroras expected Monday night/Tuesday morning

Heads up for possible big auroras Monday night/Tuesday morning in anticipation of effects from a negative polarity coronal hole.
G1 conditions are forecast (Kp 5). Auroras may continue into the next night as well.

All of Alaska, Canada, arctic, and sub arctic areas around the world expect lights.
If conditions are as good or better than forecast, the northern states bordering Canada may see the aurora as well.
Look north if you cannot see the lights overhead.


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Tonight’s forecast quiet

Tonight’s forecast is quiet, at Kp 1, plus we are seeing clouds in Fairbanks and Wasilla and Anchorage. Very small chance at viewing the lights tonight. You can try to see if it is clear in the morning before the sun rises. Look north, northeast, and low on the horizon.

Auroras tonight! Jan 17/18

We have auroras tonight! The skies cleared! Beautiful auroras are
being seen in the Fairbanks area and interior tonight (time is now 1045pm).
Lights can also be seen lower in the sky from south central Alaska areas.

Also expect more auroras tomorrow night.

Its cold out there, folks, be careful.

***Still shot of the cam at 10:43pm***

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