Tonight’s forecast, Kp 4

The aurora storm that hit has subsided a bit. Conditions are still great for auroras in the north, such as middle to northern Canada, and all of Alaska. Kp 4 is forecast for tonight. Currently as of this post at 715pm, the Kp level is 3. If it should rise to around Kp 5, the the upper portions of the 48 states may see the northern lights.

Many media sources were reporting that tonight is the night to catch the lights, biggest storm in a long time. That was last night. The storm did not pan out as forecast, but it was still great to see it in many states and of course, up north.

Sunflowers shine in the moonlight, with the aurora dancing above.

Cars go in and out of Chena Lakes Recreation area, a great spot to catch the aurora.

The ABN aurora cam catches even the faint lights above North Pole, Alaska.

Kp 8 now, Europe expecting auroras

The planetary K index is 8 now and northern Europe are expecting lights when it is dark. These are the current Ovation pictures depicting where the aurora is predicted with the current data.

Canada and USA, expect lights again tonight, will revisit the data later today.

Get notified via NOAA Space Weather for free with their subscription service. Create an account, then select alerts, warnings, or whatever else suits your needs. They do send out a lot of emails, so be sure of your selections.

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