So cloudy lately, minimal activity

It has been so cloudy lately in Alaska, and even areas of clear sky (south central Alaska) have barely seen aurora lately. It has been quiet. When you are outside, and it is clear, look to the north to see if you see the green glow. Tonight’s forecast is Kp 3, however, data is looking poor as of 330pm Alaska time. Mid to northern Canada and interior Alaska may see aurora tonight if the weather is clear. Stay safe, road reports in Alaska are saying it is very icy.

Heads up for auroras tonight, but it is cloudy!

Tonight is looking great for aurora activity, but it is very cloudy in much of Alaska, and many other locations further south.
If it is clear, heads up for auroras tonight!
The forecast is Kp 6 and currently at 5pm Alaska time the Kp level is 4.
Iceland and Norway are currently seeing lights.


Prepare for the brutally cold temps coming soon.
Protect your camera while chasing the aurora!

Incoming auroras! Tonight looking great, also Oct 24/25 Kp 6

G2 Storm Watch is in effect. Kp 6 is highly possible in the next couple nights. Auroras are expected tonight and the next 2 nights. Tonight we could see Kp 5, but it may be closer to morning (daylight) in North America. Northern Europe will likely get the beginning of this storm as it will be night there.

Be ready tonight, close to the morning time! And for certain, be ready tomorrow night Oct 24/25 AS SOON AS IT GETS DARK.
Northern contiguous USA, all of Canada, and all of Alaska. If you are unsure or confused, send me a text 9073857385. You must do 2 things. Be ready to roll, and be awake! There are a lot of aurora fans in Michigan and Minnesota and Montana …the answer is yes.

CHECK THE CAMS for the weather and to see if aurora can be seen!!! Here is a link to all the cams on my list: Aurora Cams  you can also check normal weather cams but most do not pick up aurora activity.

Clouds, rain, and snow are in the forecast for much of Alaska. What should you do??? Driving yourself, you must check the weather in your area. If there is any opening in the clouds at all, that is where you drive. Fairbanks, you can drive north to Olnes Pond, or further! Or, you can drive south. Sometimes North Pole has different weather even though its very close. Half way to Delta is Birch Lake, a great spot to check out the lights. Or try going all the way to Delta (about 100 miles from Fairbanks). Try looking at the weather for Nenana and Healy. Up in interior Alaska, if the Kp level is high, lights may be seen all around the sky, north and south. Look UP!!! For more detailed where to go (streets and pullouts) check out Where to Go Fairbanks. You don’t need to go anywhere fancy…you can see the aurora from anywhere, but get away from city lights.

Anchorage, try the weather north. Eagle River (up top Skyline Blvd), Wasilla, Hatcher Pass, Willow, Talkeetna, or the other way toward Glennallen. Or south, which is usually cloudy as well, but check anyway if this is your only chance. Anchorage, your weather is looking very poor, I am so sorry to report. But just in case here is a list of where to go.

Another option is to hire a guide. A quick look for the next couple nights and everyone is booked…there may be guides I did not check. Guides, you are free to tag yourself on Aurora Borealis Notifications page on facebook. Customers, look for the tags if any!

SkyFire in Focus Tours Fairbanks Alaska
“the Aurora Borealis Enthusiasts”

Kp 3 looking good for lights in Alaska tonight

Did you see the lights last night? Fairbanks was mostly clouded over and the roads were slick….but the aurora showed itself all night long in between the clouds. Anchorage and Kenai saw the lights all the way to sunrise!

Tonight the forecast is Kp 2, currently at Kp 3. The weather is clearer tonight and Fairbanks should see lights when its dark. Anchorage is a maybe, it might be possible to see the lights low on the horizon to the north.

Tomorrow night (Oct 20/21) we might see Kp 4.

The cold has arrived in interior Alaska, and Rod’s Alaskan Guide Service is ready to take reservations for this winter. Dates can be confirmed as soon as there is enough snow on the ground. When visiting North Pole, Alaska to see the northern lights, enjoy your day with a snowmobile tour!

auroras tonight, Oct 13/14! G2 Kp 6

The coronal hole high speed stream continues and tonight’s aurora forecast is great! Kp 6.
Auroras are currently being seen across Canada, Wisconsin, and Minnesota as of this writing. Other northern states be on the lookout. Alaska, lights expected as soon as it gets dark, weather permitting.

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