Aurora tonight Jan 24/25 Kp 4

Auroras are starting up now over most of Alaska, data is looking great. However, the weather is poor for viewing in some areas.


Fairbanks overcast, forecast cloudy all night long. -24F
Healy snow -22F
Anchorage partly cloudy, could clear ***WATCH FOR AURORAS*** -6F
Kenai **** AURORA CHANCES ARE HIGH**** Clear skies!!!! -1F
Homer **** AURORA CHANCES ARE HIGH**** Clear skies!!!! +6F
Juneau cloudy and snowing +28F


Partly cloudy in Yellowknife, and auroras are being seen.
Edmonton is cloudy.
Churchill is seeing lights now Here is the cam

If it is clear in your area, look to the north, northeast!

Currently Kp 4.

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