Thanks for your interest in advertising with Aurora Borealis Notifications.

We receive hundreds to thousands of daily hits on our website. Many other businesses and websites use ABN for their purpose. You will be seen if you advertise here! Businesses related to the northern lights are the preferred advertisers on this page, but all businesses are welcome. Non-profits may receive free advertising on approval, just ask. Advertising trades can be worked out as well, but past experience taught me to collect on the trade before I post your ad. I am still owed trades from 2012, and sorry to say I don’t believe I will ever get the item promised to me (updated 2016). We are a small Alaskan business and encourage you to Buy Local. Your ad will be placed on this website and various social media if your business is aurora related.

Your ad will run from August 2016 to August 2017. The price is $100 for the entire season (until the website is updated during the summer) or $20 per month. This will give you a square space on the website, mentions on posts, and shares on social media. There are additional costs to place a banner ad or a full page ad on the website. We hope you find our reasonable rates something you can work with. Please email Amy at for more information.

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