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Newby Rd, North Pole

Amy Stratman
North Pole, Alaska

phone number
You may text anytime of the night to report the aurora in your area or with questions. You may or may not get a response back during busy times, after all, I am enjoying the show too, and answering questions online and other texts. Your text will go unanswered if it is not clear that you are seeking aurora information.

Subscribe to the website for your free email alert. Please do not ask me to alert you by text or call for free, as there are too many requests. Please use our Facebook group or Twitter or this website for your free alerts.

I no longer answer phone calls. As much as I enjoy aurora enthusiasm, there were too many people calling during the night awaiting the aurora to come out. This is not fair to me or my family. Please use text or email. Thank you. I am doing my best to post more informative content on this website.

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