aurora tonight in areas of no clouds

After deciphering much scientific data (the forecast websites sometimes are slow to update), the forecast for tonight is moderate to active due to the CME from 31 Aug. Arrival time is tonight. Let’s get right to the good stuff….the aurora will be seen sometime tonight in areas of no clouds from latitude 55 degrees up to the pole. 

The Fairbanks area is completely socked in with clouds, so we will be out of luck for several hours anyway. We will bring you any reports from elsewhere in the state, Canada, or other states. Sunday night again. KP index estimates a 4 to 6, with southward BZ winds. AH! A Saturday night holiday weekend aurora and we have clouds! Go figure!

9:31pm The aurora is currently visible in Yellowknife, a great prediction of what is to come tonight. AuroraMax webcam